Monday, June 12, 2017

Red, White, and Blue

June/July is one of my favorite times to decorate! I love the colors red, white, and blue. In fact, when I was in my teens-early 20's, they were my bedroom color pallet. (Along with cow print!) There is something just so gosh darn fun about Americana

Since the 4th of July is so early in the month, I don't have any problem getting the decorations out halfway through June. I leave them up all the way through July, too. Here in Utah, the 24th of July is Pioneer Day, the day we celebrate the persevering pioneers who arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. Several years ago, I made this ox and wagon to add to my patriotic display:

I was so excited to get it out again! But, life threw me a curve-ball. I can't find my big box of July decorations. I don't understand how it could be lost. All decorations are in a box marked with the specific holiday and should be on a shelf in the storage room. I don't get it. It's just...gone. The box must be under the stairs, but if that's the case, ain't NO way I'm diggin' it out! Could be an unruly clan of burly spiders living under there! I can totally see it now: the blue-faced leader will come charging at me, seeming to shout, "You will never take our land!" There could be bloodshed!

WHOA. I got waaay off subject there. Sorry. 

Anyhoo, until Hubby has time to find my box, these pictures of my new stuff will have to suffice:

Uncle Sam's Hat


USA White

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