Saturday, July 1, 2017

Please, Can I Keep It...?

My latest project was taking an old and tired small secretarial desk and giving it new life. My wonderful mother-in-law gave me this piece. She got it from a neighbor, who got it from a local Deseret Industries. It still had the $10 price tag on it. Oh, and it came with some bonus pens! 

I was given this piece last fall, but finally made time to give it a makeover. Deseret Industries is doing a contest to win a gorgeous piano. You just submit a photo of a before and after of something you have given new life to in order to enter. The contest was the perfect incentive to get this piece done! I really wanted this piece for my master bedroom, so I decorated it with that in mind. However, it won't fit. I just can't make it work and have room for a dresser. Guess I'll have to sell it. Sigh

First, I took the piece apart where I could.

Then I gave it a good sanding and cleaning. My Lilly Loo-hoo was the perfect little helper for this part!

Next, I stained and painted. I used Minwax Java stain and a gray paint I got for $2 at Home Depot in the mis-tint section. Score!

I knew I wanted to replace the door insert with hardware cloth. I have been itching to try it! It is similar to chicken wire. I also knew I wanted to use copper accents, so I spray painted the hardware cloth with Hammered Copper.

Apparently, I decided not to take more photos of the whole process. That, or I simply forgot. I even kept the camera near me to remind me. I must have needed the space in my brain for something more important. Unfortunately, I don't remember what.

Anyhoo, I ended up building a new door for this piece. The original one had already been fixed multiple times, and it was just easier to make a new one. I used the old door to mark where the hinges should go. I attached the hardware cloth with a staple gun.

As I was staging for photos, my 17 year old son handed me one of my pigs. (Yes, ONE of my pigs. I have three. Piggly, Pigglier, and Piggliest.) Since he was trying to be involved and helpful, Piggly is clearly visible. See if you can spot him again in another pic!

I added more copper accents, such as the knobs and corner protectors. Gray, brown and copper may not be every one's tastes, but I love it. Some of the old green shows behind the gray. I think it is perfect, because when copper tarnishes, it turns green. See, it's all tied together!

Isn't it gorgeous! I am trying to convince Hubby that we don't need a dresser in our room so I can keep this beauty. It would look so perfect in the corner with our gray tub chair. Fingers crossed!

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