Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Reclaimed Life...

What exactly is "reclaimed wood?" Well, in my humble opinion, it is any wood you rescue from scrap, junk, being destroyed, or dying a slow death in a grassy field. Wood that is just waiting for you to come along and see that it still has some worth. No one wants to be cast aside when they no longer look nice, or have served their original purpose, right? Some of the most beautiful wood I have played with just needed a little TLC. 

My very handsome older brother and his extremely talented wife are in the process of remodeling their home. They have a large backyard and a wood pile they want to have disappear. (They also will have lots of scrap trim for me soon. Woo-hoo!) Before they hauled it away, they offered to let me have whatever I wanted. Happy dance! 

Most of the wood was in very good, time-worn condition. It only needed a quick sanding and cleaning with a metal brush. Underneath the grime and age was gorgeous wood! This stuff was fantastic to work with! I made so many different creations, including 2 custom orders!

Here are some of the creations:

I call this one "Crown Shelf." (painted)
"Crown Shelf" natural.
"Hi-Low Box"
"Drawer Box"
Large Mirror
A simple shelf.
Entryway Mirror (with a mini chalkboard).
"Skinny" shelf.
Shelf with dowel.
Large shelf.
Whitewashed shelf.
Entryway organization center with leather accents.

This was a custom shelf ordered by the same lady
who bought the shelf  above.
Another custom order.
I am not one to brag, but aren't they gorgeous! I love giving old/neglected wood a new life!

P.S. If you happen to have any sad and lonely wood that needs a new home, please, give me a call!

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