Monday, May 22, 2017

Tick Tock...

I was asked to make a clock project for our Relief Society's Super Saturday. For those of you who don't know, Super Saturday is a time to get together with the other ladies in the neighborhood and craft, visit, eat, and craft some more. These gatherings are a lot of fun and gives us a chance to learn from one another and get to know each other better. There were several crafts going on, such as glass etching, crocheting, paper qwilling, and wood craft. Mine, of course, was the wood craft. 

I was asked to do some wood clocks like this one I did several years ago:

I no longer have the clock. I gave it to a friend, who was once my neighbor. Whose mother is still my neighbor. Who is also my friend, who happens to be in the Relief Society presidency. Which, I'm guessing, is one reason I was asked to do this project. 😉

I made this clock with reclaimed fence wood and a vinyl wall clock from Die Cuts With A View. I got the clock about 4 years ago from a local Real Deals store, which has since closed. The clock cost me a whopping $3! A total steal, seeing as the original price was $39.99! 

I was slightly worried about getting clock parts for this project. I didn't know if I could find the same clock parts. I looked at various ways of doing it, but really, the easiest is vinyl. I was browsing a new website I found,, and guess what they had? 

Yep. Jackpot! These babies were $5 each when I bought them. (Now, of course, they are $4 each.)

I ended up making 12 of the clock bases for our Super Saturday. Now, I don't like to procrastinate things, but I am ashamed to admit I did not make these clocks until the day before the big shin-dig. My excuses are many. I had to make Mother's Day gifts for my booth. My son had surgery and required my attention. I had a dentist appointment. I had to sleep. You get the idea. It was like rushing through an essay the night before it's due, only way more enjoyable.

I used 1"x4"x8' furring strips for the wood. I cut the boards into 20 1/4" lengths and gave them a quick sanding. Each clock takes 6 boards.

I laid them next to each other and attached them together with wood lath, glue and screws.

Now, simply repeat 12 times.

All of the ladies had a fun time painting the clocks. I am really kicking myself for not getting pictures of each of them, but I requested pics of the finished clocks hanging in their houses. If I get permission, I will post them here.

Each clock only cost $11. Not a bad investment, if I do say so myself!

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