Monday, April 24, 2017

It's All About Family...

Look what I made out of a reclaimed wood cabinet door!

Can you believe it? It looks like I used a frame. This was soooo easy! I'll show you some steps, but I forgot to get pics of the entire project. (Smacks hand to forehead)

I have found a new love. It's the ReStore in Ogden. They have so many fun things to buy. You never know what you will find and your mind works overtime thinking of what to create. It's like a thrift shop for DIYers! All proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity. Check out the link to learn more. 

I found several reclaimed cabinet doors. The prices run between $2 and $7, but I have gotten several for $1. A dollar guys!

Anyhoo, I taped off the door to paint the "frame" white. I wanted this project to have a "chippy paint" look, so before I painted, I rubbed a little wax along the edges of the frame. When the paint is dry, you can wipe or scrape off the wax and get an awesome time-worn look. 

I cut down some scrap wood I had and painted it in several different colors. Then I sanded them a little to make them look worn.

After everything was dry, I used wood glue to attach the scraps of wood to the center of the door. I weighed down the scraps with whatever heavy thing I had nearby. 

I had the word "family" left over from one of my sister's projects. I painted it white to match the frame and then sanded it to rough it up. I think it helps to stand out from the background. I used wood glue for this as well.

I love it! So fun and it makes me happy!

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